Oceans brings people together to create waves of impact

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Our mission

We inspire people to start a movement.

A movement starts very small but grows as ideas are shared. In this way we create a wave of impact that gets bigger and bigger.

At Oceans, we create waves by connecting people. With each other, nature, and themselves. By immersing people in an energetic environment, they become part of a movement bigger than themselves. Together we take steps forward. Steps towards a world where openness, cooperation and awareness are the norm.

We inspire companies to work in a more flexible way and come together to accelerate progress.

The concept

Oceans consists of four floors, all with their own story.

Oceans is located in an old monumental building that consists of four floors.

It all starts in the basement, in other words: The Undercurrent. The place where ideas can be conceived in meeting rooms.

The ideas can be discussed and further developed on the ground level. Mama Gaia is the plant-based restaurant that serves food and drinks inspired by Mother Nature. During the day the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch for tenants and visitors. Is it time to work out your ideas in detail? Dedicated and hybrid workstations are available for rent at the Dunes level on the first, second and third floor. Here you can work on the execution of your plan in peace.

Good ideas should be shared with the world, and not be confined within the walls of Oceans. Ideas must be sent out into the world.

History of the property

The monumental building has been renovated and refurbished.

Oceans is located in an old monumental building at the Gonnetstraat 26 in Haarlem. The building was built in 1937 and used as a laboratory for many years. In 2019 the building was bought by Oceans and renovated. Many original elements and details can still be seen in the building. The windows have been restored, repainted, and prepared to last the coming 100 years. The old laboratory doors have been replaced in the building and the bricks of the building have been cleaned, but not completely hosed. The dust has been removed, but the history is still visible.


Apply at Oceans

We are looking for talent to join our team. Apply and become part of our start-up team.

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Merijn Everaarts


Merijn is the driving force behind Oceans’ vision and ideas. The waves of impact arose from Merijn when he started looking for an inspiring working environment with Dopper.

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Tjitske Reukers

General Manager

Tjitske our General Manager. With years of experience in real estate from Curaçao to New York. Interested in renting? Get in touch with Tjitske!


Larissa van Heel

Restaurant Manager

Our star on the floor. As a manager in the restaurant, she ensures that everything runs smoothly for the guests en renters. Would you like to organize an event with us? Leave that up to Larissa. She will ensure that this is arranged as desired.