You can go to Oceans for various workplaces.

Resident membership

The workplace for your company.

Establish your company at Oceans Haarlem and be inspired by our sustainable and open working environment. We offer workplaces for companies of 1 – 40 employees. At Oceans we provide a full-service experience so that you only have to focus on your own business.

Hybrid workstation

Come in whenever you want.

With a shared workstation at Oceans, you are free to come in whenever you want. Choose between unlimited access or a fixed numbers of days per month.

Which membership suits you?

Hybrid membership

12 days


Each month excl. VAT

Notice period: 1 month (after a commitment of 3 months)

Hybrid membership

Unlimited ma t/m vr


Each month excl. VAT

Notice period: 1 month (after a commitment of 3 months)

Resident membership

24/7 access


Each month excl. VAT

Notice period: 3 months

Meeting rooms

We offer 7 different meeting rooms for 2-50 people.

Rent a meeting room at ground level or in the Undercurrent at level -1.


Meet our community.

A group filled with inspiring companies, individuals, and partners with whom we work together towards a sustainable future.


Host an (online) event yourself?

Looking for a place to host your own event? We are curious about your plans and are happy to discuss them.

For organizing online events we offer audio-visual support so that the only thing you have to focus on is the content of the event.